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⚠ This project is new and is under active development. Do not use this in production. Visual designs, logos, assets, and etc are not final. ⚠


ButterflyVu is a new documentation template built on the Astro Web Framework.


bun will be used over npm in instructions.


  • Git
  • Bun 1 2

1. SudoVanilla recommends using the Bun package manager for Astro projects.

2. If you plan to use Bun, NodeJS is not required to be installed, which is why it's not listed as a requirement. (Tested)

Clone Repository

Start by cloning the repository to somewhere on your device using the git command:

git clone https://ark.sudovanilla.org/korbs/project-pandora-charm/
cd ./project-pandora-charm/

Install Packages

Install required packages so you can run the project:

bun install


Run the website with the run command:

bun start

The website should start running at http://localhost:2014.

If the website is not running and an error appears, troubleshoot the problem by reading the error and try again. If the problem persist, submit an issue.



It is expected for the server admin to use the Docker method, as it is recommended, so please install the Docker Engine.

  • Install Docker Engine for Windows (WSL Method)
  • Install Docker Engine for macOS (Homebrew Method)
  • Install Docker Engine for Linux

SudoVanilla does NOT recommend using the Docker Desktop application, as it is proprietary software.

A Docker Compose file is provided that can be used without needing to clone the repository. Download the file to it's folder somewhere on your disk and run it.

    image: ark.sudovanilla.org/korbs/project-pandora-charm:amd64
    port: 2014:2014

While simple and small, it is expected this will expand in the future and an all-in-one solution will be provided.

A SudoVanilla Project