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Penpot Desktop

This is unofficial software

Penpot Desktop - A desktop-like experience for Penpot | Product Hunt Written by Human, Not by AI

Penpot Desktop

Penpot Desktop delivers a desktop-like experience for Penpot users with the additional of integrating tabs to conveniently traverse back and forth between projects. Offline support is available through the select your own instance option in settings, as well as the theme settings that may be applied to either the entire desktop app or simply the Penpot dashboard.





  • NodeJS v20
  • Python
  • Supported OS:
    • Windows 10 or newer
    • macOS
    • Linux

Install Packages

Before building anything, packages need to be installed first by your package manager, NodeJS should come with npm by default:

npm install

Other package managers such as Yarn, PNPM, or Bun also work.

Run Build

Once packages are installed, with no issues, you can run the build command:

npm run build