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Renders created for Falix's homepage.


All renders are created with Mine-Imator 2.0.0, not compatible with older versions.

Projects provided in this repository are set to exetreme performance in their project settings to use such features like anti-alaising and reflections, therefore Mine-Imator may be graphics demanding on your hardware. If you can, run Mine-Imator with your GPU. Tested on NVIDIA GTX 1050 and Intel Iris.

Adding Transpancy


The software GIMP is used when removing the solid color background around the subject and to add semi-transpancy to the shadows.

Use wand to select background and use full force to remove the background with the eraser. This is Hardness at 100.00 and Force at 100.0.

For shadows, set the Force for the eraser at 25.0 and set the size to fit all shadows in selector.


Glasses Issue image If the skin has glasses or any semi-transparent pixels, please set the Render Depth to any number in the Appearance area of the player properties.


Work at Desk Work at Desk

Group of Friends Group of Friends


Work at Desk

Group of Friends